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"¡Weddings in Colombia!"

Realizing a dream

Brides Colombia , being the first portal in Wedding Planning in Colombia , knows that your wedding day is special, that day will change your life and although initially you have not raised the idea of a giant party to "Cinderella", you know that as the date approaches keep finding new details to make this day unforgettable.

Yourself print your stamp on the ceremony, reception and obviously on the night of wedding and honeymoon. To enjoy during the celebration of your marriage, it is important to plan ahead and enjoy during the preparations. If your family and your boyfriend is working great, nothing like distribute loads and involve everyone in the event!.


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Brides Colombia, seeing the importance of this day, We met in this website the best companies and it is for this reason that today Noviascolombia has become the best and the most complete guide to the organization of marriages and all sorts of Events in Colombia


Tips for marriage:

" Marriage is a living reality that can always grow, improve ... "

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Prepare ahead of time:

A detailed list of the different activities that you have to consider so that your marriage does not have drawbacks

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Budget for your "wedding":

A complete list of all the details to keep in mind to keep track of your expenses ...

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Requirements for the wedding:

For both the Catholic marriage and civil marriage.


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Premarital courses:

We have compiled the various sites that are in Bogota, on this page you can find the information you need so you can select your preference and contact her.

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Ideas for organizing Showers:

Here are some ideas for meetings that will serve to start decorating and complete what will be your new home.

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